beginner course

Dose of Truth Tarot

Our beginner course is packed pull of everything you need to get started reading Tarot cards.

There are a lot of cards! But the good news is you don’t need to memorise them!

Through stories Terryann will guide you through the cards… and you will bring the key words back into your head as you remember the stories.


Hours of Video

We have over x hours of video stepping you through how to read Tarot.

From how to pick a Tarot Deck, to how to set up a booking and give a live reading…

we step you though everything you need to know.

Terryann teaches through stories! Building up your knowledge of the cards… then the intuition can flow!


Additional Resources

As more people take the Tarot course we will no doubt realise things are missing, or we refine the course… how can we make it better?

Any additions, or changes we make you get included in the price you pay… forever!

In addition you get a bonus course when you sign up to help enhance your intuition… key to enhancing your Tarot practise.


Open twice a year

Twice a year (spring & autumn) we will open up our membership to new students… so if you purchase the course you will be invited to join us in the membership.

Learning Tarot is a journey! The best way to learn is to keep layering more knowledge… you will surprised how it sticks!

Monthly Q&A & additional online course material will add to your knowledge base.

Tarot Course

Wisdom Through Stories


Picking a pack


How to keep your cards in good condition


Learning the suites


Preparing for a reading - what to do every time


Learning the numbers


The journey through the majors


Relationships between the cards


How to ask questions


How to do the business side of doing a reading