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We help beginners learn to read Tarot cards through stories. So you can learn the cards quickly & begin to read professionally – or for fun 😉

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Dose of truth tarot:

Terryann & Eloise

Terryann (on the right) has been reading Tarot since 1971 & teaching Tarot since 1996. Eloise focuses on bringing Terryann’s course & membership online, so you get to enjoy it.

Our mission is to authentically support people to get their lives in order through the wisdom of the tarot.

Help people find abundance, heal relationships, & get their life in order.

Plus encouraging our students to support others by doing Tarot readings for them.

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Want to learn how to do numerology for your Tarot readings?

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Learn a key skill to master tarot


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Tarot Course

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Whether you are a complete beginner or wanting to develop your skills further, take a look at the course.


Over 18 hours of video plus workbook


Takes you through every step & every card


All course updates for life included


Once you purchase the course you can join our ongoing membership to deepen & grow your knowledge! Additional training & Q&A time with Terryann every month makes all the difference. Taking you on a journey to mastering Tarot.


2 Q&A sessions each month - ask us anything!


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